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Apr 6, 2024

Western Swing from our Hometown Hero

Western Swing with Kristyn Harris

Kristyn Harris, riding at the top of the Western Swing wave, tours extensively throughout the United States… in some very impressive venues. She began playing at the Songbird at age 19 and has played here every year since that time. Her home is in Burleson, so this is a stop that she calls home. We call her family.

Western Swing with Kristyn Harris

Apr 19, 2024

Crazy for Patsy Cline

Lisa Irion is 'Crazy for Cline'

Lisa Irion IS Crazy for Cline - The smash hit Patsy Cline Tribute Show. Healthy now (She was forced to cancel this year's Songbird show due to inforseen surgery)

Lisa has returned to performing "Pasty" shows across the country! As a character actress/singer, Lisa performs as Patsy as if she has returned today for one more concert. Lisa sings Patsy's more familiar songs using Patsy's unique phrasing and vocal stylings, and tells some interesting back stories behind some of the songs as though Patsy is retelling them.

Irion has been performing as Patsy Cline since 2010. In 2016 she starred as Patsy in the musical, "Always Patsy Cline". She performed to sold out audiences for 3 weeks straight!

Lisa Irion is 'Crazy for Cline'

Apr 20, 2024

A Tribute to Cher

Lisa Irion's Tribute to 'CHER'

Lisa has been performing her TRIBUTE TO CHER SHOW across the USA and internationally since 2003. She sings the hits LIVE in beautiful costume replicas from Cher's concerts.

Audience participation is a hallmark of her show, and makes for a personal and memorable experience!

Lisa Irion's Tribute to 'CHER'
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