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A listening room is unique. The goal is to create an environment where guests can come in and enjoy a connection with the music in an intimate setting. It's a place to have a drink, bring your friends, and relax, and when the show starts, you focus on the music.


Small Town Big Sound

Don't fight traffic in Dallas or spend an evening looking for parking in Fort Worth when the best live music venue is right here in Cleburne, TX!

Local Texas

The concert bar features Bull Lion Winery's finest along with a selection of soft drinks.

Brand New

JBL Speakers including two 18" subwoofers and a 44-channel soundboard driven by our own professional sound engineer.


This new piano honors tradition, innovation, technique, & technology to properly equip our talented musicians.

About the Owners

Ten Years in and still having a blast!

Creating the Songbird Live as a place to have fun and enjoy music was a lifelong dream for Tom and Marcia Burkett. With the success of their business next door, The Red Horse Antique Mall, when the building for Songbird Live became available, they knew just what to do with the space! The Songbird Live is the social hub of the Downtown East neighborhood. It was established to promote talented musicians and give Cleburnites a place to enjoy live music, without having to go all the way into Fort Worth or Dallas. Clearly, the venue has been accepted as part of the community, as it celebrates it's ten year anniversary. The Burketts are grateful for the support and hopeful for the next ten years!

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